Tuesday, April 22, 2008

bush is still wrong, our economy isn't at all strong…

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…was my first thought when I started listening to his speech after the financial summit just had. What a liar.

Check out:
"Existing home sales decline as housing slump continues" washingtonpost.com

"Dollar slumps to new record low versus euro" washingtonpost.com

"Triple-A Failure" NYT where it is stated: …Presumably to forestall criticism and possible legislation, Moody’s and S.&P. have announced reforms.…

"Oil Rises Above $118 a Barrel on Supply Concerns" NYT

"Fuel Costs Pummel Airlines in First Quarter" NYT

"Stocks Fall as Investors Analyze Earnings Reports" also from NYT

"Price Volatility Adds to Worry on U.S. Farms" NYT

"Re-examining Nafta in Hopes of Curing U.S. Manufacturing" NYT
And this is just the easy stuff to find from only two newspapers.

And the real kick-in-the-teeth-about-all-this? They held their summit in the only major U.S. city to suffer absolute catastrophe and yet the government gave all the money for repairs and help to organizations that did no repairs and offered no help: New Orleans.

November just can't get here fast enough.

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