Monday, April 14, 2008

One of the last ones on the Jericho bus

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But here I am. Just finished watching the first season and LOVED it. No sooner had I discovered it than I hear CBS canceled it. Out of curiosity though, I blogsurfed to find out what folks were saying about it. By far, this is the stupidest comment I found:
In short, who wants to watch a show that denigrates their country, denigrates their military, and seems to blame the possible evils of the world on corporations? Wouldn't a show about how we pulled together and united against an external threat been a little more palatable?
A ridiculous comment made by a brainwashed individual. Corporations, along with nation states (and the military which does the nation state's dirty work) rest at the very crux of the world's problems. Show me a person who can't see that and I'll show you a person who frets over who wins American Idol.



At 8:43 PM, Blogger simon said...

Ah, the country right or wrong mindset, a wonderfully ignorant mental default setting. Just keep chanting USA no1 at the top of your lungs and soon all critical thought shall be replaced with prideful, patriotic zeal. Anyway, the facile lockstep wasn't the target audience, so no signal loss there. I would have enjoyed a season or two more myself, though.


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