Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Is this REALLY the worst administration ever?

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This bunch is really no worse than any of their predecessors. They’re just more brazen and open, which makes them seem way worse. Never before has it been as exposed as it is now. Every single administration has been crooked and controlled by big money. From their point of view, and the point of view of the people who surround them, Bush et al is doing a bang up job. From their point of view, they’re getting richer, they’re making money, the wheels are being greased, and the people are submitting. The power elite (C. Wright Mills) are greatly benefiting. At every turn, they win, they profit and they succeed at moving their agenda -- whatever it is, whether it be to make money, rule land, control wealth and people — forward.

See, right now, what’s really twisting our knickers is the fact that we’ve come to the realization that for all intents and purposes, our government is illegitimate and probably has been for a lot longer than we are aware. It’s a harsh and grating realization. The government has ALWAYS governed for the few over the many. Populism is an illusion. The rich get what they want. What PERSON do you know thinks a little percholorate in their drinking water is OK? Not one single person would say that. But a corporation would and easily, without guilt. PEOPLE don’t want war, corporations need it. What a person would be arrested for, a corporation or a government can do without hindrance.

The reason we’re so mad at this administration is that they’ve awakened us from our slumber and we didn’t want to wake up. We wanted to believe that our government was benevolent, that we were a beacon of light for the world, that the police were there to help and so on and so forth. With this group, we have been made aware of the fact that the government is malevolent at best, that the hopeful beacon is really a violent explosion and the police are only there for social control.

We feel helpless and that translates into anger and frustration. The easiest target is the current regime, but it's misguided to lay the blame entirely at their feet. The entire system is corrupt and needs to be overhauled. Swapping out Bush for Obama means nothing.



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