Friday, May 16, 2008

Just the headline is needed to explain this…

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…and further reinforces that bush and the Republicans are simply clowns whom, collectively, transformed the greatest and most powerful nation in the world into a hat-in-hand, dog broke beggars in the New World Order. (My apologies to dogs. Bill)

From the NYT front page:
Bush in Saudi Arabia to Make Oil Plea
Then, for some real entertainment, click on the headline in the NYT (or click here) and you find the article is titled with the Saudi answer:
Bush Rebuffed on Oil Plea in Saudi Arabia
Followed by this opening paragraph:
With the price of oil hitting record highs, President Bush used a private visit to King Abdullah’s ranch here Friday to make a second attempt to persuade the Saudi government to increase oil production and was rebuffed yet again.
Actually I think the Saudis enjoy making bush jump through hoops, sit up and beg, and crawling away with his tail between his legs.

It's a national embarrassment.

Next time Cheney should be dressed as an organ grinder, lead bush around on a chain, dressed as one of those monkeys attired as a doorman, while Chimp bushie circles the palace with his beggars tin cup, holding hands with the very people who wouldn't dream of giving a dime to America now that the country's demise is imminent.

I think the Saudis are just waiting for the bankruptcy bidding on individual states to begin.

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