Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wow, an op-ed contributor who claims she could…

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…only find two Harvard educated people in all of Europe who were at all excited by Obama's European tour, even though she had to have noticed the 200,000 or so applauding and cheering Germans waving American flags and NOT burning him in effigy, waving posters of Obama with horns on his head and blood dripping from his mouth, and not a single sign calling Obama or America the biggest terror sponsors in the world or calling him the Great Satan as European protesters routinely do in ANY European country bush visits.

I won't link to her BS op-ed in the NYT to spare her the embarrassment of even more people reading her sad tribute to her ability to find only two Europeans out of the probably one million or so total viewers and listeners to Obama, nor will I embarrass her by giving her name (her initials are Susan Neiman) that is attached to a piece of garbage that reads like a hit piece article for bushco by a writer who attended the Armstrong William's School of Propagandistic Writing.

It is truly remarkable for anyone but a GOP shill to claim Obama wasn't a big hit in Europe. I wonder if the two people she found that liked him were Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France (who called Obama his "pal")?

Bovine excrement.

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