Friday, August 01, 2008

My favorite quote today comes from E.J. Dionne's…

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…editorial in the regarding the chickensh*t campaign being run by John McCain, the insane clown killer, titled,"English Lessons for McCain" where he wraps it up saying:
Voters are in a mood to give the status quo a swift kick. Instead of offering puerile ads trashing Obama, McCain should show how he'd be the change we've been waiting for.
Hear, hear! And I mean that literally as I don't think I have heard anything from McSlain except the same old attack ads, devoid of substance, empty of promise for hope of restoring Americas greatness, indeed, lacking any substance on even something as simple as uplifting his fellow citizens, and putting the truth out there for consideration by all and for comparisons with the views and values of his opponent, Barack Obama.

This latest round of equine excrement accusing Obama of having played the "race card' is just the most recent insult to the intelligence of our citizens.

Just as my remarking on the fact that I am caucasian in no way means I am a racist, Barack pointing out that he's black and being accused of being racist for it is ludicrous.

But what do you expect of race-baiting, biased, prejudiced, hateful and truly racist old white men, who sell-out every "principal" they ever claimed to honor just to win an election, and that are still in charge of a vanishing and ever more irrelevant political party, the GOP?

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