Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer in the City

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This year hasn't been so bad (knock on wood, spit three times) as far as the heat goes anyway. The Mr. Softee Ice Cream van has changed its tune though. The last twp years has been some unrecognizable thing that really sticks with you. This year, they've changed the tune. This year, it's "I'm a little teapot" which just makes me laugh.

When I was a kid, my mom had this crazy gay friend, Chris. He was a little nuts and he sang like Ethel Merman. Anyway, when we first met him, he did this schtick for me and my sister. He did the "I'm a little teapot" song with the arms. You know, "this is my handle" and you put your hand on your waist and "this is my spout" and you hold out your other arm like it's a spout. Well, Chris, like the first time we met him, did the Teapot song in his best Ethel Merman voice, but when it came to "this is my spout," instead of putting his arm out like a spout, he put it on his waist. Then he stopped, looked down at his hands resting on his hips and said, "Shit. I'm a sugar bowl." Me and my sister thought that was so funny.

I recently showed it to Mr. Vidiot. I don't think the joke works on grownups.

Ooop, here it comes around the block again. "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."




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