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Another BS headline from the…

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… front page:
Federal Deficit Grows After 3 Years of Decline
BS! See, "United States National Debt (1938 to Present) An Analysis of the Presidents Who Are Responsible for the Borrowing," which contains an excellent chart, which I lack the know-how to post here, showing the steady increase in our debt, the deficit, and that points out the parties responsible for the increases in text which I can quote:
The chart below, Figure 1, shows the United States national debt (per Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia[1] and US Government data[2]) with the various Presidents’ terms marked by vertical lines. Under President Clinton the growth in debt ceased, but note the radical change in direction since George W. Bush entered office. There is no question and a lot of mathematical proof that the steepest upward rises in debt since the end of World War II, started with President Reagan and continued with other so called Neo-Conservatives.[…]

Prior to the Neo-Conservative takeover of the Republican Party there was not much difference between the two parties’ debt philosophy. They both worked together to minimize it. However the debt has been on a steady incline ever since the Reagan presidency. The only exception to the steep increase over the last 25 years was during the Clinton presidency, when he brought spending under control and the debt growth down to almost zero.

Comparing the borrowing habits of the two parties since 1981, when the Neo-Conservative movement really took hold and government spending raced out of control, it is extremely obvious that the big spenders in Washington are Republicans and their party’s presidents. The only Democratic president since then, Mr. Clinton raised the national debt an average of 4.3% per year. The Republican presidents (Reagan, Bush, and Bush II) raised the debt an average of 10.8% per year. That is, for every dollar a Democratic President has raised the national debt in the past 25 years, Republican presidents have raised the debt by $2.53[6]. Any way you look at it Neo-Conservative Republican presidents cannot or will not control government spending.
It's not only clear that the headline is wrong, it is so wrong as to defy credulity and again demonstrates a media bias favorable to Rethug Neocons.

No wonder newspapers are suffering such dismal sales when it can be so hard to find any truth within them anymore.

INTERESTING NOTE: Somebody with some commonsense has changed that headline while I was composing this. It now reads:
Deficit to Grow to Record
Maybe the former headline was just a tad too dishonest for even the Nope, when you link to the article it repeats the garbage headline and flushes it out with obviously bad information as the deficit has increased every single year bush has been in office.

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