Thursday, July 31, 2008

As you might know

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I sometimes frequent the conspiracy boards, mostly for entertainment. Anyway, one of the better ones, Above Top Secret, has a thread on the Air Force officer in Alaska that committed suicide. The officer had been associated with one of the commanders that had been dismissed over the missing nukes story from last August. Besides the fact that a lot of the fellas associated, even peripherally, with that incident are dead, there are other reasons to look sideways at the suspected suicide. But that's not my reason for mentioning it. My reason for mentioning it is this HIGHLY entertaining comment from one of the posters:
Everything is suspect. It does not sound like a suicide, but he could have known something and wasn't going to play hardball. Anyone could have ordered the kill. Dick Cheney is a powerful man, but so is Elton John...they are both annoying.
And THAT'S why I read these things.

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