Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Around blogtopia (y, wksctp!*)

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via Eschaton it seems Time is not on John McCain's side:
Back in 2000, after John McCain lost his mostly honorable campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, he went about apologizing to journalists--including me--for his most obvious mis-step: his support for keeping the confederate flag on the state house.

Now he is responsible for one of the sleaziest ads I've ever seen in presidential politics, so sleazy that I won't abet its spread by linking to it, but here's the McClatchy fact check.
via AMERICAblog we discover that Sarah Failin's head procurer sez selling off her jet on eBay wasn't her idea, it didn't sell on eBay, and Alaska lost 1/2 a million dollars on the deal.
Yet another republican 'fiscal conservative.'

via skippy we learn that Sarah Failin has earmarked more pork than Oscar Mayer.

And last, but certainly not least via WTF?!?:

* Yes, we know skippy coined that phrase!

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