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As I lamented below, the contradictions of the very rich and the very poor are legion. And I have to wonder how people don't notice these contradictions or at the very least, notice them, but aren't bothered by them. And then, I see this in the New York Times op-ed page:

The numbers were impressive, but the gains were lopsided, benefiting executives and investors far more than hourly workers and salaried employees. Because the growth was fueled by reckless lending and borrowing, it created an illusion of wealth even as many Americans lost ground.

The strange and painful disconnect was evident again in recent weeks.

And I excitedly think, "are they REALLY addressing the problem?"

But sadly, no. They're just mentioning it in passing, on their way to "the government will rectify the problem"

Washington has little influence over those factors. But the government can try to stop things from getting much worse, helping to set the stage for a rebound. Congress will likely have to provide another round of stimulus — which should center on bolstered food stamps and grants to state and local governments. It may also have to provide more foreclosure relief.

That’s the easy part. Once the economy stabilizes, the creative and controversial work must begin to build an economy in which all Americans have a shot at sharing in the growth.

Yes, because the government that created the problem, will fix the problem, using solutions that will only benefit them. The 'solutions' are always the same: Throw money at the poor and patch up the dams with bubblegum. That'll keep the little people from rioting while not costing us, the people that matter, much at all.

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