Saturday, September 06, 2008

Observing the unraveling

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While watching the McCain speech, in a bar with the sound off of course, we were stunned to see McCain standing in front of what appeared to be a green screen. I commented on it, Mr. Vidiot commented on it, and neither one of us could figure out why he did such a thing. We both thought it was odd, but then, we stopped paying attention to continue our conversation, occasionally looking up at the TV to comment upon how OLD McCain is.

Then, the next day, started to cover the green scene. Turned out, it was grass in front of what looked like it could've been on McCain's mansions, but in reality was on Walter Reed (what for it....) Middle School.

Yes, it seems that some braniac in the McCain campaign googled the wrong Walter Reed image.


They were mum about it for awhile, even fed a line a crap to The New York Times that The New York Times then masticated and regurgitated for the reading public, saying it was a picture of a school to highlight McCain's school policies.

But, talkingpointsmemo concludes:
But that's not what happened with McCain. Our crack analysts at TPM HQ pulled the tape. And what happened in McCain's case was that the green screen was up for 5 or 6 minutes. Then it got pulled. It was replaced briefly by a cornfield. And then after a few moments of that it was the picture of the flag, which appeared as a blue screen to viewers on tv. That remained through McCain's entire speech. No more changes. It was pretty clear that someone on McCain's staff realized the goof a few minutes into the speech, cancelled the pre-programmed order of images and hurriedly slotted in flag image to save the day.
It doesn't get any better then this folks.


Mr. Vidiot's comment: Fred Davis [the man accused of making the flub] should be committing harri kari right now. He should just take the honorable way out. Either that, or McCain should just take him out back and shoot him.

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