Friday, September 05, 2008

A double-sourced New American Record set by bushco…

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…amply demonstrated by mutually reinforcing headlines from the NYT and the WaPo.

NYT Front Page Headline:
Unemployment Rate Rises to 6.1%
From the Front Page of the WaPo:
U.S. Unemployment Rate Rises to Five-Year High
Oh, those shy, modest Republican leaders mustn't fail to give themselves the credit they deserve for these New American Record Unemployment figures for now unemployed Americans. They must be so proud of themselves I'll bet every GOP member in both houses of congress all got one of those little gold stars to wear on their lapel, right next to the American flags they so pridefully wear.

And all Americans should express their opinion regarding the loss of over 605,000 jobs this year and over 84,000 jobs just this month!

What a great record for the Rethugs to run on this year!

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