Friday, October 24, 2008

The difference between then and now.

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Then being 2004 and now being, well, 2008 of course.

You might be hearing all sorts of stories, like the possible HOAX involving a McCain supporter in Pittsburgh, or the feeling of general panic amongst our more right-leaning citizens. Back in 2004, I don't recall any violence being done by Kerry supporters or any panic that led Kerry supporters to act out. Depression maybe, but not panic.

I guess the difference is that the GOP has always used fear and emotion to generate support to a much greater degree than the DEMs. When you generate that much fear and support with no reward/release? You get panic and acting-out. That's what we're beginning to see. I mean, stick a fork in McCain, he's done. When a RECENT former adviser comes out in support of your opponent, you can pretty call it game over. Now what we're left with is a whole lot of scared people with no where to go with their fear.




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