Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I wish to add my voice to those condemning the specious campaign of McCain/Palin…

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…I saw John McCain in an interview last night calling for one of the great men of my lifetime, John Lewis, to be repudiated by Barack Obama because Congressman Lewis has called for McInsane and Palin to stop fostering and inciting violence against Barack Obama. Congressman Lewis need not apologize for stating the obvious truth of the matter.

Beside being perfidy at its worst, it's true: McPain and Palin have taken their particularly brand of hatred and prejudice to virtually every state in the union, and have made naught but one feeble attempt by McCain to cease the "Barack is an Arab" and "My wife and I are scared of living in a country with Barack Obama as President," but Palin continues with the lies, innuendoes, and the hate speech to incite to violence the people attending her rallies.

The bigoted Republican Party, by far composed of old white men, gleefully run an empty skirt like Palin in a vain and inglorious attempt to draw Hillary voters but, unfortunately, it turns out that she is every bit as corrupt and holds true to the GOP fear-mongering, hate speech, dishonesty in citing Obama's record while her "folksy twang and droppin' of Gs" signals that she both knows and will adhere to the GOP platform no matter how much she pretends to be "a good ol' girl."

And she does fit right in with the GOP, having just very recently been cited as having broken Alaska's Code of Ethics and, now, is under investigation for her ties to a contractor who happened to build her house and then landed a lucrative contract to build a $12 million dollar sports arena in Wasilla, a town of 7,800 some odd people who undoubtedly needed a world class facility in which their high school athletes can compete.

And another thing that chaps my ass is that politicians like those in the GOP have undercut, short-sheeted, and hamstrung this country long enough with their bigoted hatred of persons of a different color, race, or sexual orientation, with the exception of the occasional token black or woman or gay candidate that they support for show. Quick! Name a black Republican senator!

To me this is a critical reason that we must elect Barack Obama. Remember when you were growing up and your parents would say, "If you work hard you can become anything you want, including President of the United States."? This statement, thanks to the bigotry and racial hatred of all the old white men who run this country, has never been true for blacks or Hispanics.

By doing this these old white men have cut off and ignored the accomplishments of blacks and Hispanics and gays, and have allowed a tremendous pool of talented persons to go to waste to the detriment of America.

Barack Obama, a man I consider to be more than eminently qualified and talented to be our president now has a very good shot at restoring the American Dream: that if you work hard enough and educate yourself, you CAN grow up to be president of these United States without regard to your race or sex or religion or sexual preference.

That's why the race-baiting and incitement to violence against Barack Obama is so disgusting, specious, and dangerous for our nation, and McLame and Palin are too stupidly bigoted and desperate to win that they will say or do anything to get elected.

That's just my opinion, but I say it's high time that true equality comes to life and fruition in America and we stop wasting the education of and talents that could be acquired and put to use by full utilization of ALL our citizens. If we do not do this America will not be a factor in innovation and the inventions of the future that will benefit all mankind.

Neither one of them, IMHO, are fit to tie Barack Obama's shoes or press his shirts.

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