Friday, October 10, 2008

My theory on why the Dow continues its seemingly non-stop crash…

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…is that people, including corporations, are scared spitless at the very idea of a John McPain presidency,

He has flip-flopped 180 degrees from every principled stand he assumed in the 2000 elections - every single one - and now no one dares take him at his word. To vote for McLame would guarantee decades of eternal war, if not the deployment of nuclear weapons against a country such as Russia or China, who would then obliterate America and never give us a second thought.

And to continue this reckless and breathtakingly stupid path of eternal war would perforce require the usage of nuclear weapons as the bush doctrine has exhausted both the human and weapons elements of our military. Our personnel, after repeated tour after tour in Iraq and Afghanistan are leaving the armed forces in droves the very instant the stop-loss program no longer applies to them. This is especially true of mid-level officers, the captains, majors, and Lt. Colonels who are the ones directly responsible for leading troops in the field. And look at how many flag officers resigned rather follow bush's illegal orders for wars of aggression

Our equipment which was never built for long-term reliability, much less long-term service in a desert environment, is breaking down at a phenomenal rate with insufficient parts and mechanics to effect the repairs needed to keep that equipment running.

We are shooting off over 1,000 rounds of ammunition per person killed and cannot even meet our need for ammunition from an American supplier and now purchase the bulk of our ammunition from companies based in other countries, which is great for those companies but constitutes yet another steady drain and strain on our resources.

America doesn't have even ONE single combat ready brigade in America and the National Guard has had both their personnel and equipment deployed in such great numbers overseas that we have no true "national" reserve armed forces capable of carrying our their duties - no home defense, no aid in times of national crisis (thus Katrina), an insufficient number of the types of aircraft needed to carry out efficient fire-fighting and rescue work.

A vote for John McSame would not be just a vote to continue the insane policies of bush. No, McBlame would assume ofice knowing that he would need to "out-cowboy" the cowboy currently occupying the people's house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This would naturally result in even more hostile, undiplomatic, aggressive, and world-damaging policies than even bush/cheney could dream of, with the GOP in front of the White House cheerleading McTrain to ever more hostile endeavors, lead of course by the official national cheerleader, gw bush. Pom-poms, short skirts, fancy dance routines cheering McSlain to ever more brutal acts of aggression.

But, hey, that's just my opinion.

I could be wrong.

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At 8:56 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Bill, respectfully, I think you're wrong about the crash.

I think these money grubbing bastards are just waiting until Bush & Co gives them even more money than they could make on the open market.

Why would they think that they should risk their billions of personal wealth when they know every bailout that's been proposed will make them even more money than what they're making under a tanking economy?

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous bill said...

Well, I said I could be wrong! I do tend to agree with you, however.


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