Saturday, October 11, 2008

Somebody got their fangs yanked out…

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…which was very apparent at McPain's last town hall meeting where he TWICE had to take the mike away from supporters, one idiot who claimed they were afraid to raise their child in an America led by Obama and again from an old lady bigot that said she didn't want Obama to be president because he was an "Arab," both comments which forced him to proclaim that Obama was a fine American who would make a fine president and the other to which he was again forced to defend Obama as NO ARAB, just a fine American family man with whom he simply disagreed.

The second reply to the bigoted old lady actually drew "boos" from his own supporters.

I have a theory as to why this is: first, the Secret Service is already trying to track down rally attendees threatening violence to Obama and, second, I believe that the Secret Service promised to start cracking down and dragging people out of rallies that threatened Obama while the cameras were rolling to make a strong statement that this conduct and those threats will no longer be tolerated. They may have even told him to stop or they would cancel his security detail and use them to supplement Obama's security detail.

It is high time that the Secret Service stepped up to the plate to stop McInsane and Palin from inciting violence against a presidential nominee, which, I believe is itself be a crime.

And poor, poor Sarahwa certainly has enough problems of her own. See Sailor's most excellent post below.

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