Friday, October 10, 2008

Things I've noticed here in NYC

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First off, I saw this guy walking down Broadway yesterday. Apparently, someone else did too and snapped a picture of his most awesome furry and foam green, outfit. He was truly an amazing sight to behold. And boy, did he ever know how to strut his stuff. His gait was prideful and strong.

Cool outfits aside, I'm mostly noticing that there are more homeless people than before. Could be that the weather is cooling off and they're clustering up. But I'm not too sure since I'm ALSO noticing that many of them have their stuff in some pretty nice suitcases. I'm not talking Longchamps or anything. But some of the homeless I've seen of late have their belongings in actual suitcases. It looks like these are folks who recently lost their homes and still have some accoutrement.



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