Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Will wild bush forays into other countries start yet another war before the elections?…

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…Witness the unprovoked attack on the sovereign territory of Syria :
A raid into Syria on Sunday was carried out by American Special Operations forces who killed an Iraqi militant responsible for running weapons, money and foreign fighters across the border into Iraq, American officials said Monday.

The helicopter-borne attack into Syria was by far the boldest by American commandos in the five years since the United States invaded Iraq and began to condemn Syria’s role in stoking the Iraqi insurgency.

The timing was startling, not least because American officials praised Syria in recent months for its efforts to halt traffic across the border.

Together with a similar American commando raid into Pakistan more than seven weeks ago, the operation on Sunday appeared to reflect an intensifying effort by the Bush administration to find a way during its waning months to attack militants even beyond the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan, where the United States is at war.

Administration officials declined to say whether the emerging application of self-defense could lead to strikes against camps inside Iran that have been used to train Shiite “special groups” that have fought with the American military and Iraqi security forces.
Any rational person would have tried to remedy this situation through diplomatic means or through the U.N. Security Council. But we all know that bush promulgates attacking sovereign nations even when it is plainly a violation of international law and is an act that by itself defines the war crime of unprovoked, aggressive attacks upon another sovereign nation.

bush has proven time and time again that he is the most prolific and active war criminal of this century, and while I find some comfort in the fact that he will be forever unable to travel outside the continental United States, lest he be captured by foreign authorities and put on trial for his crimes, I believe it is America's responsibility to turn virtually the entire White House staff over to the Hague for prosecution.

The unprovoked attacks against sovereign countries posing no threat is an abomination and, like torture, must be stopped.

ADDED NOTE: These statements come from the BBC News:
Iraq has denounced a raid into Syria at the weekend, saying it does not want its territory to be used as a launch-point for US attacks on its neighbours.[…]

"The Iraqi government rejects the US helicopter strike on Syrian territory, considering that Iraq's constitution does not allow its land to be a base for launching attacks on neighbouring countries," he said.

"We call upon American forces not to repeat such activities and Baghdad has launched an investigation into the strike."
But he urged Damascus to prevent groups using Syrian territory for "training and sending terrorists for attacks on Iraq and its people".
Oh, yeah, this will really inspire confidence in America and the democracies we install at gunpoint.

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