Sunday, October 26, 2008

Click your heels together three times while repeating…

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…McPalin will win, Mcpalin will win, McPalin will win!

It is absolutely comical to see McInsane, older than dirt and not as healthy as a diseased pig, and Sawah Palin, Alaskan wanna be diva and former beauty pageant runner-up (she couldn't even win a beauty pageant!) twist, squirm, making constant attempts to variously slander and libel Barack Obama, and failing miserably as they find that only the bottom 25% of society that thinks bush is terrific are the only ones buying into the sick, racist, false-accusations-of-Barack-being-a-terrorist-sympathizer, and a dangerous black man that threatens the safety of America.

And that's despite the fact that the MSM has been frantically pushing the GOP propaganda as dictated by their corporate masters. Virtually every story is critical of Obama and favorable to the same GOP lies and tactics that have actually threatened the fabric of our society.

Al-Qeada has won the "war on terra" by any objective measure. Our freedoms have been curtailed in ways most insidious, our citizenry is being subjected to internal spying such as would have made the Nazi's green with envy, bush and cheney have seized powers that they were never meant to wield under our Constitution, indeed subverting the Constitution they swore to uphold and protect in a manner most foul and illegal, they have placed, or attempted to place the president above the law, all our communications are monitored and logged, the most powerful spy satellites ever devised are watching us instead of the terrorists, and Osama bin Laden has achieved his stated goal of so disrupting our financial system through unnecessary and horribly expensive expenditures of so many hundreds of billions of dollars that the country now finds itself in the worst financial straits since the Great Depression of last century.

And yet the GOP neither sees nor understands what they have wrought: the worst, most incompetent government in history that cannot and will not serve the very citizenry for whom they were elected to serve.

They have destroyed the ability to make infrastructure repairs, they are the first American administration to squander billions of dollars in a failed attempt to restore the first American city ever lost by any administration, they have loaded-up every branch of governments with cronies totally incompetent and unqualified to serve in jobs to which they were appointed, people who will continue to subvert and fight against reform of the government so corruptly built by the GOP and their corporate masters.

I would highly recommend to Mr. Obama that the first action he takes as our new president be to insist that every employee hired by bush have their resignations on his desk within a week, that he accept them, and to immediately fire any who fail to comply. We must purge our government of the cancer with which our country has been infected.

I also say that the only way we will restore America's standing in the world will be to ferret out and turn over to the International Court at the Hague every single war criminal now serving or who ever served bush, and to start with bush, cheney, addington, feith, libby, rice, yoo, ashcroft, gonzales, every single member of the White House Iraq Group, and all those who condoned, encouraged, and carried out the torture and indefinite detention of alleged terrorists in violation of treaties that also happen to be the law of this land. The simple act of ridding the country of these reprobates and rogue "public" servants will do much to restore our credibility in the world.

This purge should encompass the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, and any other groups formed to deliberately subvert the rule of law to permit the commission of these perversities that go against every tenant for which America has stood for over two centuries.

The time has arrived for us true Americans, led by an apt and able president, to seize back control of our country by restoring the checks and balances of the Constitution and, further, to pass into law stern warnings that "signing statements" which serve only to show America that they are powerless to have any control over the Executive branch will not only be outlawed, but that no signing statements will be considered as having any legal weight or provide any protection to any president that would deliberately violate the laws passed by Congress, which he may either veto or sign into law with no middle ground permitted at all for him to violate the law with impunity.

These are the things that must be done to return America to the country it once was, the one in which we grew up but that, sadly, has been twisted into a sick, pale imitation of the great country it once was, and that is now the laughingstock of the world and that engenders naught but disrespect and derision from the rest of the world.

Electing Mr. Obama is just the start of these things we must do to restore glory and pride to Americans and to once again make its citizens proud to proclaim, "I am an American."

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