Monday, October 27, 2008

When counting on someone to do what they must there first must be trust…

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…and, as the stock market continues to vanish right before our very eyes, it occurred to me that one of the reasons is identified in my title for this post and that no one trusts the government, especially the U.S. Government, to do the right thing or anything in which they can place their trust.

After all, the bush maladminstration has careened from one botched misadventure after another for the entire eight years of his presidency. Add to that the secret, but vast, sums of money going to the bush cronies on Wall St. with no oversight and with the few documents being released heavily redacted. Wall St. barons continue to receive their golden parachutes, the banks hang onto every dollar, struggling to remain solvent, and still the bush band of thieves continues to play monopoly with a trillion dollars of taxpayer monies.

I wonder how much of that has found its way to the Carlyle Group? You know, the conglomerate jointly owned by the bush and bin Laden families?

At any rate, I don't believe that bush has ever done anything that redounds to the benefit of the American people, oh, no, every penny he can beg, borrow, or steal has been spent enriching Big Oil, Big Pharma, and billionaires that can't manage their resources and therefore depend on bush handouts to continue their wayward ways.

Ergo, the world community has no reasonable expectation that anything bush does will work and, in fact, they may depend on him to continue the abject failures that have been the hallmark of his administration. Absent that trust, the rest of the world will safeguard their own piggy banks and eliminate their investments and faith in America, which is no longer the juggernaut and lead superpower in the world.

We're just another run-of-the-mill third world banana republic without bananas.

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