Thursday, January 01, 2009

I could not fail to hear the cheers for money takers and jeers for…

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…those entrusted to guide our economy any more clearly than from this headline from NYT:
Citigroup’s Top Executives to Forgo ’08 Bonuses
How generous. How kind that the very people who guided the country to the point of, to quote Howard Cosell, " a mere shadow of [its] former greatness."

I can't read anymore of those whose primary responsibility was safeguarding America's Economy without knowing the certainty that the country has clearly had a handful of roofies shoved down our collective throats, all the while being duped into believing everything was hunky-dory, believing their sweet little lie that, "Everything's okay, baby, just relax and enjoy it, we got the best sh*t known to man."

And now, some of these created-at-our-expense and certainly for whom we bent over to have their way with us are, being so generous and civic minded that they will, therefor, forego their hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars of bonuses for performing well after having bankrupt their companies and damn near bankrupting America.

Why should these people be allowed to retain anonymity and conceal the size of bonuses they receive or would have received?

Why is there no "House of Shame" for these utter failures whose only contribution to society has been to ruin our economy in collusion with the president and his crooked men?

These people should either be in jail or seriously on the run with their pictures plastered on every outside wall, lamp post, in every newspaper, and an Executive Order issued to every law enforcement and spy agenciy with healthy bounties paid for successful arrest and prosecution.

But that's just my opinion, and I could, 'though in this case not likely, to be wrong.

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