Monday, February 16, 2009

The GOP is composed of naught but liars, schemers, takers…

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…and generally has become the most evil political party ever seen by Man.

And yes, this may be only my opinion, but what else do you call a party that initiates wars for control of natural resources, the extermination of entire races of people, conducting genocide in the manner of "gentlemen," not down in the mud, blood, guts, and gore that teaches the folly and horror of such ventures, but a party willing to spend billions of dollars every year surveilling innocents, bombing innocent women and children, driving millions from their ancestral homes, and managing to do it from 20-30,000 feet in the air so our pilots could kill freely without fear of injury or repercussions to themselves; those whose families are thousands of miles safely removed from the theater of combat and risk nothing while Republicans spend every red cent that becomes available to America fostering nothing but more greed, avarice, killing sprees, and all the other things the GOP has done since Ronnie Raygun, semi- senile when elected, became the puppet of those who would wield the might of America without prospect of punishment or indeed, any accountability whatever.

The GOP has become the rabid dogs ravaging our planet, killing any who disagree with their stated policies of greed and complete, utter, absolute gridlock of the now rogue government that did so much to aid the world in the past.

Our days of Empire have expired, which will still not impress in the GOP, who would take it all, steal it at the point of a gun or threat of nuclear war, taken at the detriment and to the actual harm of the hapless citizens of the world by a party a willing to leave behind nothing but the smoking embers of a planet gone mad.

May the GOP ultimately be destroyed at the hands of those governed who misplaced their trust so badly.

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