Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Corporate Pigs

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Too bad we can't eat them.

Just perusing the headlines over at raw story and I find:

The FBI is investigating over 500 cases of corporate fraud, which I'm sure couldn't be halted or investigated over the last 8 years. Meanwhile, the owner of the peanut company knew full well he was spreading his poison peanuts all over the land saying "Well, I wasn't about to eat them. Somebody had to". The supposed "pillorying" of the bank execs is just a dog and pony show and the biggest corporate pig of them all, the one who could possibly be responsible for me being laid off at the end of this fiscal year (May), Madoff, is getting a sweet deal from the SEC.

So what have we learned? Have we learned that running the world where the only motivation is profit is not necessarily a good thing and may even be a bad thing? Have we learned that the institutional logic of the capitalist system supersedes any good human intentions? Have we learned that whatever posturing and preening our "selected" officials may do, the system will remain, nothing will change, and only some of the players may be moved around?

I'm not being negative here. It's just the way it is. I just want to know if anyone is paying attention.



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Great pic!

I don't think profit is necessarily a bad thing, short term profit at all costs is just plain evil.


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