Monday, February 09, 2009

Lead, follow, or become an ungrateful, pompous ass…

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How much longer must our country suffer the slings and arrows of a now minority party that has proven beyond doubt they cannot govern, didn't govern when they could, were naught but war and fear mongers whom did nothing but borrow and spend our way into the worst financial state we've seen since the Great Depression, with foolish wars to steal resources (oil from Iraq), seeking the domination of a country that did not attack us, Afghanistan and planning further wars already. It was Osama bin Laden, with his support group, the Taliban, and a handful of 19 Saudi Arabians who attacked us, and despite the expenditure of almost unimaginable, gargantuan, sums of money that I (and I believe others) cannot understand the amounts of money wasted in these past misadventures is positively staggering. When you get past six zeros you lose me, and we are off into Oz country, but without a yellow brick road to follow to prosperity once more.

Virtually every recent article I've read places the one who done us wrong, bin Laden, in Pakistan, where we seem to be waging a covert war against large weddings and funerals of the men, women, and children we have willfully killed in our zeal for revenge and whom were guilty of doing other than trying to make a meager living is some of the most savage terrain on the planet.

The republican theories of "trickle down economics" are nothing but a way to further enrich the few, while ignoring the plight of so many millions of our citizens, the very people for whom our government was created over two-hundred years ago. This failure on the part of republicans to provide effective and competent government while borrowing money overseas, instituting hugh tax cuts for the rich, and still spending as if it was 1969 again has been ruinous.

Even now, as the minority party, republicans only wish, apparently, is to keep rewarding the rich at the expense of the poor, the elderly, the children, the destitute, and the unemployed. They are simply obstructionists, acting as roadblocks to legislation they despise for two reasons: they have theirs and have gotten the greatest sums ever from our Treasury ( our money!), and the gop would rather see ordinary citizens out of work, barren of the benefits we formerly enjoyed before the trickle down theory was in its infancy.

bush and his cohorts-in-crime oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history and done almost irreparable damage to America along the way.

Now we have a president who came up in life through hard work, believing in the inherent good of people, who is willing and now able to fight for this country, knowing that he is facing the most daunting task any president has ever faced.

The republicans and sycophants that serve them are now out there talking about "fiscal responsibly," the audacity of which amazes me, they still consider themselves as the party that knows best how to govern America. Do you reckon that they will speak of the 22-million jobs created, the stock market rise of 180%, the balancing the budget, leaving a surplus for bushwad, and the most prosperous economy ever under the leadership of their arch nemesis, (Of the horror!) and the person they considered to be Satan, hisself, Bill Clinton?

Or will they admit that their party has lead America directly into the crisis we now face?

I'll let you guess.

In the meantime the filibuster should be temporarily suspended to give Democrats a fighting chance to right the disaster he inherited. One dumbass Senator, I forget his name, actually sat there with his bare face hanging out stating last Sunday said , "Well the Democratic Party has been in power for a month and haven't gotten anything done," as if the past fifteen years of a republican run congress and Senate did nothing but line their pockets and the pocket of their cronies and pushing republican propaganda upon America and alienating the world.

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