Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hey! I gots a great idea! And simple to implement, too…

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…If we have such an ineffectual, waste of time and money Food and Drug Agency, let's do our testing of food and other products in such a way that will go much further to protect the public than the government without spending a penny of taxpayer dollars.

Make the board of directors or whatever S.O.B. what's in charge of producing or importing food or other products PROVE by affidavit, videotape, and statements from their family members that they themselves and their families eat that food or use the product in question.

If it's safe enough to foist off onto the public shouldn't they be required to provide empirical, hard data, that the food or product has been proven to be safe through actual use by CEOs, their families, and friends? Until a lengthy trial period conducted to give time for any poisonous or dangerous aspects of the product to become clear?

Refusal by CEOs and their cronies to do this would help eliminate any chance of poisonous foods or products from reaching the American consumer.

None of the peanut people would voluntarily eat a sample of their own product before a congressional committee, so jail 'em and give them nothing but their own products to eat or use until they are willing to admit they have or had direct knowledge of the dangers posed by that food or other products.

Draconian to be sure. But not nearly not nearly as draconian as watching a family member grow sick or die from consuming a product that even its producer won't eat or use.

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