Monday, February 09, 2009

This is truly an indication of clouded thinking and a ridiculous…

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attempt at rehabilitation of the republicans image. 100% pure bull excrement.

Senator Joe Lieberman just announced that three republicans who are going to vote to pass the economic stimulus should be considered extraordinary people to whom we should kneel and genuflect at the mere mention of their names. "These three should be recognized as great American heroes. They should be given the Congressional Medal of honor."

For what? Finally doing the job they are being paid to do is no occasion for a special reward, idolatry, and vapid attempts to make republicans be seen in a more favorable light (Although I believe if you could drag the republicans into the sunshine they would singe, burst into flames, turn to ashes, and be blown away by the wind to the nearest landfill.)

Do the republicans still not think what fools they made of themselves while taking a wrecking ball to America? Are they stupid enough to believe they had nothing to do with the crash of our economy, the loss of millions of jobs, and the highest unemployment numbers seen in decades?

Can they really consider they benefit the their constituency by obstruction, obstruction, obstruction?

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