Friday, March 06, 2009

Point of view.

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Every now and then, you read something a little bit, well, odd. Seems that robbers love TD Bank (formerly Commerce) because the tellers are not behind bullet proof Plexiglas. And what did the New York City police commissioner say about it?
"It is simply unacceptable to put business decisions before public safety," Kelly wrote.
But that's exactly what businesses do all the time. The closed-door discussions in car companies, "what's the cost of litigation versus fixing it." Or, "Let's dump this drug that is infected with HIV in Europe because we're not allowed to sell it here in the U.S." or, "Let's foist mortgages onto people who can't really afford them so that we can then sell those mortgages to someone else and make a ton of money."

Actually, if you look at it from the perspective of the robber, TD's business decisions have protected the robber's public safety.

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