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An email conversation I had today:

So, has Obama disappointed you yet?

I'm watching closely...I think he's playing it cautious, doesn't want to get offed. I like Hillary standing up to Israel, I like secret documents coming out, I like the reports of how he interacts with others to get a consensus. I don't like his protection of telecoms, strategy for Ahghanistan, not addressing the loss of manufacturing(corporate butt licking,) spying on Americans(ongoing) and many other things but at this point I'll give him the benefit of a doubt.

The real elephant in the room is still and will always be the truth about 9/11.
The inroads to truth are getting deeper and more poignant every single day. The whistle blowers are slowly becoming unleashed and the truth is very damning. The story you've got to follow is the gal who was libeled as a spy by Mukasey and others because she had a deep intel connection that told her in no uncertain terms about the attacks coming to NY. She notified Ashcroft and others and nothing happened to alert the country or protect NY or the airlines. The charges against her have recently been dropped and she's speaking out. Watch this one closely...it involves all of the major players. I'll send the story to you. It was all played out in NY Federal District Court....fascinating but just another thread to the blanket of lies. The cloth is unraveling itself at an accelerating pace....hold on tight!

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Yeah, I saw this. Hadn’t read it though. I will now.

Yes, it’s unraveling. Though, what does it prove? That the government lied? Knew that. That the government will use violence to control a population? Knew that. Will it remove the veil from people’s eyes? Maybe a few, but not many.

I worry that the 9/11 truth movement is a huge distraction. We already know that the government lied us into the war and that they used 9/11 to such a stunning degree, that it’s impossible to think that they didn’t have a hand in it. Picking at nits won’t help when the whole system is a cancer.

I prefer to look at the underlying system that caused the situation in the first place. How much the institutions we’ve come to trust have failed us. I’d rather be rid of those than just have the government held accountable for 9/11 which, frankly, is only one atrocity of many the government has had a hand in. Because if only that one atrocity is addressed, those responsible will be punished and the systems and institutions that got us here will continue on.

here's what you are missing....

First of all...YOU ARE SMART...thus YOU "knew that" and your friends "knew that" but believe me the vast majority of sheeple do not "know that." Most people around here and in my travels are clueless because the media that they use is dead. They still believe the original story...so maybe we have different vantage points.

In my life I have seen the nasty underbelly of government in action almost endlessly. We knew in 1963 that there were many problems with the Kennedy murder...then there were the other murders...another Kennedy, King, Malcolm X....then the completely fabricated event of The Gulf of Tonkin which got 50,000 young men, many of which were my friends, killed (not to mention those injured physically and mentally)...on to Iran -Contra etc. etc....

The embedding of false flag events and secret ops as a tool in our governments tool bag is well documented. And I am just scratching the surface.

Because 9/11 was such a flagrant and poorly executed inside job we now have in our grasp the tools to finally crack these underhanded bastards once and for all. This is a rare oppurtunity to witness how ugly our institutions have become. We must consider what terrible things have happened because of it and how many innocents have been slaughtered and maimed. Look at the war profiteering and the undermining of our most cherished ideals....all because of one morning in NY in September.

You are correct...the whole system is a cancer...but...getting to the bottom of 9/11 is NOT "picking at nits", it is most assuredly removing the tumor en masse.

I know the truth movement....I can guarantee you one thing...there will be no moving forward until those who committed this crime are busted, jailed and hopefully executed.

If you were involved in the Truth Movement per se you would also understand that the uncompromising research that has been done has led to avenues that span the gamut of government malfeasance. Hence most in the movement understand 9/11 truth is just a moniker for a total accountability and hopefully the reveamping of these corrupt institutions so that nothing like this is ever enabled again

Just glance through the archive at 911Blogger and you will find scores of articles that deal with every single aspect of contrived terror and secret ops. We do understand the big picture...probably better than most.

I respect your dedication and understand your thinking. I hope you understand that all my years and accumulated wisdom tells me there is no future without accountability in regards to 9/11.

I TOTALLY get where you’re coming from. I just contend that anyone who is still blind to it all will remain so no matter what. Take the bank bailouts for example. How much more blatant of a raping and pillage can it be before we have riots here? In Europe, they’re torching banks, businesses and luxury cars. Here? You can hear the crickets.

I don’t just want those who have committed the atrocities to be tarred and feathered and then hung for good measure. Because if that happens, the system will return to stasis, most folks will believe that the everything is now as it should be and they’ll go back to their lazy boy loungers and chips.

The more these fellas screw up, the more exposed the contradictions become, the more obvious it will be. THAT’S where the real power for change comes from. Only then will the maximum amount of people wake up. Then, maybe, we have a chance.

Expose the contradictions, sure, but don’t stop there. I say take the whole system down with it. What was one of the primary motivations for all our wars, all of our police actions, 9/11, everything? Western style capitalism. Simple greed. Profit at the expense of life. The institution has no conscience. The institution can NEVER have a conscience. People MUST remember that they created the institutions and that they have the power to destroy them. Not until the inhumane institutions are destroyed can we begin to build something more human.



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