Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm proud of these high school students.

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As some of you may know, New York City allows the MTA to randomly search anyone's bags and packages before entering the transit system. For some reason, the courts have not ruled this a violation of right to privacy (go figure). These searches are supposed to be random, but they're not which means that many working-class high school students get "randomly" checked because they're the type of kids cops love to harass. In one of the worst schools, a social studies teacher I know hands out wallet sized cards with the Bill of Rights printed on them. (If you want any for yourself, email me.)

Well, I just found out that these kids are pulling out these cards and while their bags are being searched, they read the Fourth Amendment to the cops. If the cops tell them to shut up, they start reading the First Amendment. They don't stop the cops from searching the bags because that would get them arrested, they just politely point out to the cops that the Constitution is being violated.

Bravo and Brava, students, bravo and brava.

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