Monday, April 27, 2009

A so-called presidential historian on MSNBC was asked to compare…

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…Obama's first 100 days to former presidents and it is clear where Mr. Shankton's loyalties lie.

He never even mentioned any republican administrations and simply asserted (without proof) that Obama was doing well compared to the 'failed' Jimmy Carter presidency, as if keeping America out of senseless wars and horrors!, balancing the budget and actually leaving a $600,000 surplus of money actually in the treasury was a 'failed' presidency.

He then cited the disastrous 'Bay of Pigs' fiasco from JFK's first 100 days to opine that Obama was doing better than JFK did. No mention of the leadership of either president.

I guess he couldn't comment on the Iran-Contra scandal of Ronnie Raygun's presidency, selling arms to Iranians that were purchased with drug money from Latin and S. America. Or GHWB's stagnant turn at the wheel were he became known more for breaking his, "No new taxes," pledge and then substantially raising taxes (This is actually the one thing any bush, IMO, really did altruistically, and that I admired: He threw away a second term to do what was right, not just politically self-serving.)

Mr. Shankton barely mentioned Bill Clinton, and did not, on purpose I'm sure, even mention bush-cheney, the worst and most damaging administration in American history, attacking a sovereign country, Iraq, to steal oil and conduct a genocide while the whole world watched.

Maybe it's just me, but daytime programming on MSNBC seems to have been slowly taken over by republican talking heads and biased newsreaders.

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