Thursday, May 07, 2009


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Alicublog has a Black Comedy post about RedState's outreach to American Blacks. I would have linked directly to RedState but I ran out of eye bleach after seeing DarkBlack's [way too] graphic.
Why newspapers suck, by Walter Pincus.
Glenn Greenwald runs down a conflict of interest regarding an anonymous sourced article smearing a potential Supreme Court nominee.
AMERICAblog has an example of the leader of the Grand Obstructionist Party calling for a smaller tent.
Also via AMERICAblog we bring you a chance to sound off about Tales of bad bosses (p.s. Sound off to us, not AMERICAblog, even I couldn't make it thru their registration process. Hint to John: You're getting 2 to 48 comments per post. It shouldn't be that onerous to chime in.)
skippy is looking forward to the new Star Trek movie almost as much as we are. But skippy gets to see it in IMAX!

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