Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You should've heard the panic in their voices

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This morning on NPR, they were discussing the closing of the Boston Globe. They were nearly frantic. Why aren't people buying it?! They can get it for free online. There has to be a business model that will work. When working class people say "I don't read it because you don't cover anything that pertains to me" these NPR people had the audacity to say "You want to be uninformed, that's your fault" and "maybe they're too poor." Basically pathologizing anybody who didn't read the physical paper. Then, some obviously white woman called and said in a very supercilious tone, "I get three papers delivered to my home every day and I like to read the papers and share it with my children" and they treated her with some reverence. Frankly, I think her daily newspapers is an irresponsible load on landfill.

I say F-ck them. If they had done their jobs. If they had challenged authority they way there were supposed to, if they had done ANYTHING different than what they actually did, then I'd say they were were worth keeping alive. But the way they the corporate media handled things? They all deserve to go the way of the dodo.

I'd say RIP corporate media, but I'd rather like to think they'll be writhing in the bowels of hell.

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