Sunday, May 03, 2009

A passing thought on winged pig flu

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I realize now that I was never afraid of catching the flu, or even if I caught it, I was sure I would survive it. What really scares me about the whole thing is the possibility of a draconian government reaction to it. Will they do forced vaccinations? Will they force resisters into camps? Will they quarantine and indiscriminately put cities under martial law? All of these possibilities seem extreme but they are all well within the realm of possibility. The government has the ability to do whatever they "deem necessary" and it has absolutely no compunction about doing it and using whatever force they can muster. That's what scares me about the pandemic.

Obviously, we have a pandemic every year that comes in the form of the everyday, run of the mill, boring but detestable flu. But the way they've positioned this one, well, anything is possible. We also know that the system is in such a predicament that only drastic action by the members of the participating institutions will prolong their existence. Put two and two together -- desperation and a manufactured, death-inducing event -- and we have a problem

I'm not sure if ironic is the right word, but I'm sure it's no accident that our institutions have the same drive to maintain their existence as we humans do. Remember, humans created those institutions from parts of our human image. So, what would YOU or any human do if you were about to be found out as a fraud and burned at the stake? You'd probably do something really crazy to try and save yourself, wouldn't you?

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