Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Great American Soul Search

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It does no good whatsoever to keep talking and ranting about something unless you intend to get busy and do something. As my old "Okie" pal used to say...."Ya done got the talkin' part over with!"

As a nation and an informed populace (at least those that chose to be informed) we know plenty. We know there has to be some really bad rationale for Cheney to be sticking around Washington spouting off at his shit-encrusted mouth. We know the entire media structure is no better than Pravda was in the Soviet era. From rigorous grass roots investigating we know that 9/11 did not go down as it was portrayed to us. We know that unidentifiable aircraft are purposefully dumping mega tons of something into the troposphere. We know that the 9/11 anthrax came from a U. S. government facility. We know all about hyping shock and awe violence to the betterment of no one but the likes of KBR and Halliburton. We know that Israel spies on us relentlessly for God knows what reason and we are happy to let them do it. We know that our environment is in peril and the solutions may cause us to change our habits a bit to ensure that our species survive. We know that we have been financially reamed without so much as a card and a kiss. We know that somebody who supposedly ran this country for eight years called our Constitution a "God damned piece of paper." Oh yeah.....that's just part of the things we now know, yet we sit like a bunch of dumbfounded idiots when it comes to solutions. "Give me a distraction please.....I need a break"...... and believe it or not....I understand.

So I see in this anxious passivity a certain amount of national soul searching going on. We can't possibly be that blind to the complete and utter assault that has taken place on us or our daily affairs can we?

Let's skip the part about whether this soul searching is actually going on and just move to the imperative that it must go on. In short if we do not get up off our collective, fat, complacent asses there are some incredibly bad things in store for us. We are looking at an entire planet that serves as only a playground for the rich and you will eventually be told what to do from cradle to grave. Your ability to stay healthy will be forever compromised. The food you eat will be of a grade that would not sustain a cockroach. The air you breath will continue to be reduced to a plasma-like substance that is a nothing but a medium for the military to manipulate. Your rights will be non-existent and your "papers will have to be in order" even if it is nothing but an RFID chip implanted at birth. And so forth. So what must we do? It is essential that we have a collective spiritual awakening. We must now redefine our destiny and insist that our leadership types stick to a new plan that differs radically from the old plan. No longer should we put faith in a banking system rigged to benefit those that squander instead of those that save. We must demand healthy natural food that does not come from a test tube but from genetically sustainable seeds. We must stand morally at all junctures for the truth however ugly it may be. Lies are like a polluted river. If you remove the source of pollution, the river's natural cleansing ability works its own miracle. Such are our daily affairs. Unfortunately the river of our society is currently filled with the rotting stench of industrial strength lies and the bloated putrid fish of deception. This can and must change. We can start our own local newspapers and print the truth. Don't forget that the internet is a machine, it sprung up seemingly out of nowhere and can return to non-existence overnight. Archive the truth however you chose to do it. The Constitution is, by birthright, our very own miracle. It is an academic and spiritual marvel. Even though our belief in our own exceptionalism led to horrible genocide on the American continent and then across the globe we can recognize our own deadly faults, correct them and become better people. We must rigorously soul search in order to find our path to the future.

If we do not now look deep inside our own character then we have abandoned the traits that bind us and make us human. We are nothing without each other and without the light of love for each other. The alternative is to become mindless pseudo-human machines. The darkness of fear, coercion and subservience are forever pulling the curtains shut in hopes that we lose our way. We must never let the temporary confusion blind us from our ultimate destiny of fulfilling the love we harbor. In summary this destiny is one that you either choose for yourself or let someone else choose for you. A great national soul search indeed.

Next time we get more specific.

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