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Put up, shut up, lead, or get the hell out of the way…

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…is about all I have to say cheney and his fellow liars, doubters, and propagandists in the Gop.

Quoted from an article in the NYT bearing the asinine title, "G.O.P. Worries About Sounding a Negative Tone," which strikes me as one of the most politically silly headlines ever - for the GOP that negative tone left the station for its World Tour 2001-2009. The only words, ideas, and ideals the GOP has ever expressed are ALL negative, from taking the country into illegal genocidal wars in the Middle East to the financial debacle into which they lured the unsuspecting public to believe "deficits don't matter" School of Professionally Raping and Pillaging of Taxpayer Dollars," which came very near destroying this country by wildly insane borrowing and spending by the GOP. Our military is broken, military equipment so damaged from long-term use for which it was never designed, to carrying out torture and the killing hundreds of thousands of innocents by the indiscriminate use of presidential and vice presidential fiat.

Richard N. Bond, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, offered that observation in the wake of another rough patch for the party. The latest round of intramural debate came on Sunday when Dick Cheney, the former vice president, assailed not only President Obama, but also Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, a Republican who endorsed Mr. Obama.

Mr. Cheney said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” program that he would prefer Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio commentator, to Mr. Powell, a member of the shrinking class of moderate Republicans, as spokesman for his party. Within hours, the Democratic National Committee had used video from that interview — along with other Sunday morning appearances by Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker, and Senator John McCain of Arizona, last year’s Republican presidential nominee — to produce a mocking Web advertisement that sought to portray Republicans as negative, out-of-touch and mired in the past.
Democrats did not need to produce a "mocking Web advertisement to portray the GOP as out of step with the American public that has finally become so weary of GOP negativity, fear, and warmongering as to roundly defeat their candidates in the election last.
Yet recent days have underlined the extent to which Republicans have another challenge: How to say it.

A party that has over the years been the home of a series of optimistic figures in American politics — from Ronald Reagan to Jack Kemp, who died last week, to (at times) George W. Bush — is increasingly coming across as downbeat or angry. And it is something that has Republicans increasingly worried.

How important is this? Certainly, the Republican party’s first task obstacle is finding compelling leaders to make the case against the Democrats, as it builds itself back up for the elections of 2010 and 2012. And of course it has to hone an agenda that offers specific alternatives to Mr. Obama’s far-reaching shifts in economic, social and national security policy.
So it is more important to republicans to find leaders to make the case against the Democratic Party than it is to try and assist the Democratic Party in improving and fixing all the ills with which the GOP has saddled all Americans with the same hatred the rest of the world viewed bush-cheney and their constant lying and the bringing of so much disrepute to Americans and America from the rest of the civilized world that it might be near suicidal for this nation if the GOP does regain control and continues its flat out evil plans for hegemony at the cost of all else, including our collective souls.
The Republicans’ task would not be an easy one even in the best of times. In Mr. Obama, they face a very popular president who, benefitting from big legislative majorities, has generally not needed to spend much time attacking Republicans himself, leaving that job to aides and surrogates. It is certainly not lost on Republicans that there has been a sharp uptick in the number of Americans who think the country is headed in the right direction — the best measure of optimism — since Mr. Obama has taken office.

By contrast, the Republican Party in general — and leaders like Mr. Cheney in particular — are viewed unfavorably by a significant majority of Americans. That makes for a tough environment to break through and get a hearing. And it can become a spiral: going on the attack typically has the effect of making Americans sour on the attacker as well.

Mr. [Richard N., former RNC chairman] Bond said that to return to power, Republicans have “to play error-free ball” and hope for what he described as the inevitable overreach by a party now so firmly in control of government. The real complication, he said, is coming up with “strong public alternatives” to make the case against Democratic policies, without appearing to be obstreperous or angry, or feeding the Democrats’ attempt to paint Republicans as “the party of ‘no.’ ”

“They have to avoid being stigmatized as a bad bunch of people,” he said of the Republicans.
I wouldn't even intimate that all republicans are a bad bunch of people, but their leaders, like Gingrich, Jeb Bush, cheney, et. al., are not people who have the best interest of America at heart and are, IMO, a downright bunch of lying, crooked bastards whom collectively have proven that the GOP is thoroughly inept at governing, do not care to help the average American, and have no interest in running the government - just being charge with what they believe is an American credit card with no limits is sufficient.

For anybody else, even the poor, sick, infirm, and unemployed decent people of their on party get told "yoyo," or, your on your own. I have never heard of any other administration as wasteful, dangerous, and disliked by the world in general and America specifically.

They disgust me and, based on the last elections, a majority of our nations people as well. If ever a party deserved to die an ugly death and be driven into the wilderness to allow the corpse of the GOP rot in the sun, well, I guess you can tell how I feel, and I know I am not alone.

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While your sentiments are precise, you really shouldn't sugarcoat it like that ... .


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

I'm just a sweet kinda guy. Thanx for your comment.


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