Friday, July 03, 2009

Headline from NYT: Russia to Allow U.S. Weapon Shipments to Afghanistan…

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…well of course they are!

Russia spent what, 25-30 years trying to do the impossible: the task of conquering Afghanistan.

America did everything possible to keep that from happening (Makes me wonder why when their only natural resources are opium and top-grade marijuana) (Iran Contra-The Sequel?) including arming Osama bin Laden and his band of merry murderers and providing training from the Green Beret operatives there surreptitiously.

Afghanistan is one of the major factors causing the Russians to spend money endlessly until the entire empire collapsed under the weight of all spending. I'm more than certain there are Russian strategists supplying the Taliban/bin Laden with arms and intel and simultaneously stirring anti-American propaganda through the Middle East and laughing their collective arses off as they watch America follow the same disastrous path which they traveled before with results nothing short of a catastrophe.

Face it, bush borrowed-and-spent more money than anyone in history, oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich ever seen, (with the exception of churches) recklessly took America into an unnecessary war of choice (a war crime by itself as we were not provoked by Iraq), broke the banks 'til they began collapsing, damaged the reputation of the world's finest soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines by allowing waivers for know criminals, drug dealers, felons of all stripes, and did this while reducing America's fighting forces to little more than conscription with the stop-loss plan that renders thousands of military men and women to nothing more that chattel forced to fight with broke down, semi-destroyed or damaged equipment America cannot afford to repair so these conscripts can at least perform the duties for which they were conscripted.

I would also be sure that the Russians, through diplomatic channels, keep seeding anti-American sentiments, especially with Iran, and seeking to tie our hands to the point where if we do attack yet another Muslim country we will clearly be at fault, despised, ridiculed, disrespected, and the laughing stock of the world once again.

I strongly suspect that there are mutual defense pacts already signed between Russia, China, and Iran, bearing in mind the billions and possibly trillions of dollars in cold hard cash, reactor parts, uranium, yellowcake, oil, and other resources that could be shared mutually.

And anyone dumb enough to believe America still has the most formidable fighting forces on earth are fooling neither themselves nor anyone with normal powers of observation.

No, ultimately some country/ies will someday will have its or their way with America, won't even have to resort to date-rape drugs either, and will then leave Lady Liberty soiled, used and abused and begging for a 'morning after pill' that the traitorous gop will deny her.

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