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Re: Confirming a new SCOTUS judge and the ever-continuing betrayal of America by republicans…

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…Once upon a time, long before King George and the big Dick came into power and pulled off the minor miracle of corrupting power, instead of allowing their absolute desire for power corrupt their already corrupted corporeal beings, America was a more cordial place to live, with ladies and gentlemen in the congress addressing each other in a civil manner, with the specific aim of doing good and accomplishing good works for the people of America, whether those people elected them to office or not. Country before all else; all personal differences addressed in a civil and polite manner with the objective, as stated above, of striving to help all, not carve out personal fiefdoms from which they could pour boiling oil, shoot fire-lit arrows, or cast hugh stones of recrimination upon any citizen questioning their motive to do or not do certain things.

I have always thought that republicans ate their young and cast their old into the desert to suffer the ignoble death their lifetime of arrogant self-service had earned them.

Now we come to the ridiculous circus where the republicans intend to savage a judge, Ms. Sotomayer, who was initially appointed by a republican president, George the Lesser in 1991 and approved by congress in 1992. They have made it clear that they will review the over 3,000 decisions of Judge Sotomayer looking for a very, very few wherein her ruling did not correspond to their political agenda. Also, because she was appointed to the Federal Appeals Court by Bill Clinton in 1997, approved by congress 1998., it seems clear to the gop that she has a hotline to hell.

So basically it comes down to this: according to these lines of attacks the republicans are clearly implying that George the Lesser was a total fookin' idiot to have appointed Sotomayer to the bench in the first place, a position I find hysterically funny, but true in general of the gop. They further have their panties in a bunch because Clinton, satan personified, then appointed her to the Court of Appeals so she could damn all republicans to hell, even though she handily was voted onto the court by democrats and republicans alike, so the republicans have TWICE voted to approve Sotomayor against their own self-interests, demonstrating a self-destructive bent that was finally capitalized upon the election of King George and the Big Dick.

The most insidious, inane, ridiculously stupid thing I ever heard is that the republicans who, through the auspices of Chief John Roberts and Samuel Alito, conservative appointments to SCOTUS, have moved the court farther to the right than it has ever been. What's wrong with restoring some semblance of fairness to the court by swinging it back to the middle which is, I believe, where most thinking Americans wish it to be?

And the positively incredible statements of republicans that judges should forget all accumulated personal knowledge when donning that black robe and that they must not bring their personal experiences or even their judicial experiences onto the bench with them.

Sounds great to me, but we should go much farther than this and extend the list of jobs or everyday activities of Americans.

When you get in your car, immediately forget any experience driving you have or how to drive at all.
Forget all hunting safety protocols when hunting with deadly weapons (I think this one is already in effect).
Drown quickly as you forget how to swim when you jump in the pool.
Fire all air traffic controllers, ship captains, military pilots, and missile silo operators and replace them all with high school dropouts with no experience at all, each totally unskilled and sure to damage America's safety.
Forget all the solemn vows to 'love, honor, and respect your mate through sickness or health 'till death do you part' (this is also already in practice within the republican party, compassionate conservatives all, to anyone except the mates to whom they made this vow).
Complete forget how and why the advancement of America is a politicians goal and not the opportunity to further damage America, damn the cost!, instead of helping the poor, the aged, the infirm, those desperately needing relief from the high cost of medicine while having no health insurance, instead of spending every waking moment betraying American by always fighting every Democratic resolution just to oppose Democrats and hurt our citizens as they do so. (This, too is and has been in operation since November 2008.)

I could go on and on, but I fear that the depth, sheer size, and scope of the incredulity of republicans and their desire to damage or destroy America, whether by accident or design (and I expect it is by design) would probably consume what is left of my lifetime.

Everyone already knows the outcome of this Kabuki dance. After all the republicans vent their animosity to show fairness under the law they then will do exactly what they know they will do: vote to confirm Sotomayor after taking every cheap shot they can, demonstrating their animosity once again, that they care far less for America than obstructing anything and everything the Obama administration and Democrats propose for the benefit of America.

NOTE: I have heard that the republicans intend to bring forth people who have have their cases, which they lost, which had been heard and decided by Judge Sotomayor.

I'm sure, as must be the republicans, that these losers will have nothing good to say about the judge, so why call them? They ain't got nothin' else which with to flog the judge!

Another brilliant failure, demonstrating the slow but well-deserved sliding of the gop into a political tar pit which, if America is truly blessed, will result in the gop being relegated to complete political obscurity.

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