Thursday, July 09, 2009

Headline: Dallas police cut extra protection at George W. Bush's home…

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…which leads me to ask, "Why the fook are we paying millions for extra security for multimillionaire former president bush's security? Especially since bush buried this country in debt from unnecessary wars of choice (a universally recognized war crime, making bush a war criminal not yet indicted), insanely reckless borrowing-and-spending, dumping regulations now causing our imminent bankruptcy, expanding the size of government virtually exponentially and who, being a multimillionaire, can afford to pay for his own protection?

See this article wherein it is reported that the city of Dallas is being forced to reduce their end of bushy's security detail for economic reasons:
The Dallas Police Department has cut back on some of the additional protection that the department provided around the Preston Hollow home of former President George W. Bush.

In addition to the usual Secret Service protection, Dallas until last week had stationed one on-duty tactical officer per eight-hour shift on the street outside the president’s home. The estimated cost of that service was $300,000 for about a year, according to police officials who asked that they not be named.

“We just had to cut it,” said one police official, who agreed to speak on the condition on anonymity. “We’re about to layoff people.”

But Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle, who declined to discuss specific changes said, “Our decision on how to deploy people around security issues like this is not dependent on the budget. They’re based on other factors.”…

In early January, police department officials had said that the tab to provide crowd and traffic control at the new Preston Hollow home of former President Bush could reach $1 million a year. The $1 million figure was based on the cost of providing at least two officers per 8-hour shift on a 24-hour basis for one year.
Again I ask, what the hell are we doing paying for the security of millionaires perfectly capable of providing their own security? Hell, I'd even cut off protection by the Secret Service and recommend to bushy that he have Blackwater and others he paid millions in 'no-bid' contracts to take over his security, for free given how many millions they made in Iraq.

It also strikes me as hysterically funny that bush apparently just couldn't wait to abandon his false persona as a 'man of the land, a rancher' and return to being the city slicker he always was. The entire world now knows that bush is afraid of horses so I speculated all along that it was Laura who enjoyed riding horses around the ranch, dodging the obvious piles of equine excrement left behind by bush.

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At 7:45 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

I'm pretty sure you meant 'bovine' excrement;-)

At 9:58 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Actually bovine refer to cattle wherein 'equine' is specific to horses, hence the referral to equine excrement in this context.


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