Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wow! Thank goodness I tuned in MSNBC and found out…

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…that there are top, I mean TOP people commenting upon and striving to resolve America's financial and unemployment problems.

Astute, educated, knowledgeable men such as Mr. Stephen A. Smith, former journalist and ESPN reporter, a man therefore whom has a demonstrated ability at running a country of 300 million people and obviously capable of solving our unemployment difficulties single-handedly. Or not, as, after all, the bio box did say he was a former journalist and ESPN reporter.

Why does America tolerate garbage like this and depend on these people to inform and educate them?

I don't know Mr. Smith, and 'though these comments may seem to be directed at him personally they are not. I am simply using him as a real life example of how newsreaders pretend to inform us with pretend celebrities. For all I know Mr. Smith is an M.I.T. graduate who then decided to major in economics on a full-ride scholarship from Harvard after obtaining his PhD in business marketing and financial modeling from Yale, but if so I think the bio box would have commented on that instead of 'former journalist and ESPN employee.'

And I'm certain Mr. Smith is at least as qualified to offer an opinion on these urgent matters as am I.

Wake up America, you're dreaming! (h/t to Cheech and Chong)

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