Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Baby Just Wrote Me A Letter

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New letter found in lobbying scandal

A congressional investigation has turned up yet another fraudulent letter sent to U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, this one forged to appear as if it was sent by the Senior Center in Albemarle County in opposition to climate change legislation.
The latest forgery brings the total number of bogus letters sent to Perriello and two other congressmen to 13, representing a total of nine community groups in Charlottesville and in Pennsylvania.

All of the letters were sent by a Washington “grassroots” lobbying firm on behalf of a pro-coal advocacy group
in mid-June and urged the congressmen to vote in opposition to the American Clean Energy and Security Act.
Bonner has told other media organizations that the fake letters were sent by a temporary, part-time employee who they say has been fired.
Yeeeess, a temp sent out all these letters, on all their own. And just because Bonner et al have a history of this is no reason to think that they are responsible.

And just because the major coal companies agreed on starting a PAC (RICO anyone?) and hired a lobbyist firm known for ginning up astroturf that sent out these fake letters (mail fraud anyone?) is no reason to think that they did it on purpose.

I've no doubt they'll have their own investigation and find out they're not at fault.

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