Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did anyone else watch President Obama on Letterman…

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…and come away with the belief that this President is one of the most well-spoken, erudite, sophisticated, intelligent, and just all 'round gentleman (within all the true connotations of that word)?

I just don't believe a person can fake that kind of personality, confidence without arrogance, refusal to engage in the futility of insulting republicans by name, love of family, and a kind and generous heart geared toward making this country all it can be.

No other president ever made such an appearance and, I believe, could never have exhibited such grace and humor for the lady with the heart-shaped potato.

Any republican watching that show must have been immediately ashamed to be so outclassed, and in a manner they are genetically unable to duplicate.

I am still aware of what seems to be Obama's minor mistakes (like thinking republicans are honorable men trying to do what's best for America), but his excellent and good heart will carry the day, despite those miscreants in the GOP.

As an American I was ashamed to watch America reduced to a third-world, fourth-rate 'democracy,' heading for a complete abdication of all honor and principles, and it lifted my heart and spirits out of the gutter into which I was forced along with all Americans by the shyster, gangland, kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out mentality ordered by the war criminals and torturers of the rich, old, southern white 'morality' of 'good god-fearing, religious men' who think nothing of forbidding a woman possibly life-saving care of some abortions while sending thousands of soldiers to their death for oil, revenge, and American hegemony, and that fervently believe in the death penalty to boot.

I will always respect President Obama's 'outing' of these jerks, whether that was his intent or not, and I wish him the best.

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