Thursday, September 03, 2009

Two things that made me laugh

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First, read this story about the twitter site this guy started. Then, go to the twitter site and get ready to LYAO at his weird and slightly scary dad.

Second, this post on Gothamist must be posted in its entirety:

Who Wears Short Shorts?

In an unfortunate pairing with the alleged potbelly trend happening in Williamsburg, the NY Post's Justin Rocket says that showing a little man-thigh with some short shorts is now all the rage. This is all based off of the final Pool Party crowd this weekend, where men were showing more skin than the ladies. One 27-year-old told them, "I can feel the breeze now. I do feel a little girly, but this is great!" Meanwhile, 31-year-old Nicolas Carr, who teamed up his short shorts with suspenders, said, "My wife was giving me a hard time when I left the house this morning. Said I looked like grandpa. If you are revealing testicles, then it's too short. But otherwise, why shouldn't guys be able to wear shorts as short as girls?" Women applauded, saying they aren't the only ones with nice legs. Perhaps, but they are the only ones with shaved legs. Are you there, winter? It's us, Williamsburg ... please arrive soon.

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At 9:05 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Umm, I've always preferred shorter shorts than have been the fashion for some years. Seriously, that fashion (see: NBA) was like short pants.

OTOH, I, and most women I know, don't care for Speedos on men. I've always believed that blatant advertising is less effective than word of mouth.

And just a tip (harumph) to the fellow who was quoted as saying "If you are revealing testicles, then it's too short" ... dude, unless you have shrinkage (h/t Costanza) then your problem is smaller than it appears.


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