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Please Stop the Bullshit... Please

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Even though I am pretty well convinced that writing and blabbing about our problems will do little or nothing to change anything, I am compelled nonetheless to rationalize some things. Today is the day that Mr. Obama wholly reverses his campaign promises to unwind these illegal wars. Yes Mr. "you can take that to the bank" goes on national TV tonight to announce a huge increase in troops to the Afghan theater thus cementing our plot in the graveyard of empires. What an unmitigated liar and charlatan this man is. Mr. Karzai's brother continues to oversee the opium trade as our servicemen and women protect it and the profits go to God knows where to do God knows what. The lives destroyed via drug use and the attendant pipeline to the street can only profoundly sadden one as the madness escalates and flows unchecked.

Yet today I call out "Bullshit" on other issues. What an industry this lying has become. How is it protected and why does it "surge " while the truth is trampled like so much collateral damage? Lying is the new norm and those who spout ethics to our children and countenance this charade are indeed themselves morally compromised. The media lies, the President lies, Congress lies, the bankers lie and finally now even the scientists, for who knows what reason, lie too. All except the last category can be viewed as expected behavior… but scientists?

By now you have heard of "Climategate." This is the scenario that is playing out where scientists keeping track of temperature patterns have "cooked the books" to inflate temperature trends so as to make it appear that the planet is on a fast boat to hell. Ostensibly this promotes a "green" agenda of driving down carbon emissions through a variety of means. These scientists have not only been proven to have done so but have also deleted the reference data and brazenly attacked their peers for -- get this -- disagreeing! Oh shades of "Tricky Dick."

To the real folks of concern for this planet I say this: Distance yourself quickly from the LIARS because your cause cannot and will not succeed with fraudulent behavior as a component. The agenda of a healthier planet is good common sense, but LYING is not green. Lying pollutes the discussion to a degree that it will entrap and derail the best of intentions.

Our planet is a fragile dimension. The ecosystems, both immense and microscopic, dance in an infinite and delicately balanced ballet. The thin veneer of atmosphere that protects us from a cold and uncompromising void of space is the earthly equivalent of an aquarium wall. The environment inside the "aquarium" must constantly be cleansed because the inhabitants can be messy. Our natural cleansers in this finite planet are the forests, that consume CO2 and emit life giving oxygen and the wetlands and waterways that if not abused purge the earth naturally of contaminants through biological entropy. All living creatures either help or hinder this process. Unfortunately, it is the human creature that has done the most damage. It is our unflinching belief that we must dominate all that we touch that has now led us to the abyss. With humans multiplying quickly, we may very well be at a tipping point. I tend to believe that the tipping point is actually a tipping point of consciousness more than anything else. In essence we can either wise up or abandon our children's future. This is exactly why the lying must end. No more "cooked books," just hard data that is empirical. No more taxes on a population already taxed to the brink. The crooks on Wall Street already have their greedy mitts on those carbon credits. What is needed and is proven to work is plain old hard-nosed regulation. If the big money boys get their hands on this tax thing, I'll give you three guesses who gets the shaft. The cause of a clean, self-sustaining planet is a great and worthy cause but fraud is totally unacceptable.

Let's look at more abuse of science through political hard knuckling. The National Institute of Science and Technology tried in vain to explain why two jets took out three giant skyscrapers in NY on 9/11 in cumulatively under a minute! Did you get that? Three skyscrapers gone in under a minute! That can only be done with explosives, period. Did they look for explosives? No they did not. That's our tax money, and plenty of it, going to fund fraudulent science yet again. They are proven liars at NIST. They said that WTC7 did not achieve freefall speed and they were forced to retract that statement after being proven wrong. They will not release to the public, who paid for it, the computer models for review by independent sources. By the way, the explosives were indeed found and identified by independent researchers.

Back to Earth people. Now let's talk about the atmosphere. I have personally and repeatedly tried to find answers to the pervasive problem of jet trail pollution that ensnares the globe and that is, without a doubt, intentional. In just about any location worldwide, unmarked tanker jets can easily be observed laying down vast trails of a white chalky material that expand voluminously into "clouds" and are capable of completely blocking the natural sunlight. If you do not see this or have never noticed this I encourage you strongly to pay attention. I have include a video example with this missive (scroll down the webpage to the seventh video...it is mind-blowing) that is a dramatic demonstration of this. It is an ideal time to bring this issue to the fore with all this hoopla about fraudulent facts involving temperatures. The better term for this activity is "international aerosol dispersal program" although us street level types are more prone to use the term "chemtrails" in that it is now in common usage. There will be armies of folks trying to convince you that this is a fallacy and that it is nothing but normal jet traffic. When so confronted I ask you to do one and only one thing that will further the truth. Try in any way you can dream up to get one of those planes identified. Do you own a high-powered scope? Get a number off of the plane. I'll bet you won't see one. Believe me I have tried. Do you have the Flightaware program on your computer? I'll bet those white-line-emitting polluters are not present on your screen! Call the FAA and see how far you get when you do try to get an ID on one of those jets. Have lots of time on your hands and finally some sedatives? Call your local weather folks and listen to the song and dance they have. For reference, find a book published prior to 1980 that describes what a "contrail" is and see if it matches what you are observing. The people in charge of protecting this particular grand lie are really good at what they do… it is an institutionalized lie similar to 9/11 and now Climategate. The aerosol program is currently one of the biggest and most heinous lies of all. We are chatting on the web back and forth about this little issue of fudging the facts on global warming when in actuality the technology to interrupt Earth's natural processes is already deployed. It is visiting havoc on the lungs of the living beings, especially the asthma sufferers, children and elderly to a degree that is almost unfathomable. Even Obama deleted talk of this from his "peoples agenda" on line forums. That is how strongly the lie that "they are just contrails" is protected.

So we are left in the new paradigm of "liethink"… up the proverbial shit creek without a paddle. Don't think so for a minute… your paddles are your voices and logical thought processes and you must exercise them vigorously. There is no option at this point. Do not engage in conversations about Anthropogenic Global Warming without a discussion of the worldwide aerosol program. It is the greatest component of man-made pollution that I know of and the EPA doesn't give a whit. Their scientists are bought and paid for. The "anthro" in AGW are the pilots, funders, chemical producers, FAA folks, large jet manufacturers and the military that are doing this and covering it up. THEY ARE ALL LYING. There will be no discussion of the health and well being of this precious planet until the global aerosol program is identified and put on the table for discussion. That is the way I see it.

And for the record... the intellectual and spiritual revolution has begun. Turn off the TV, buy local, eat local, get out of debt and enjoy a healthy life!

Update: Here's a website that keeps track of the chemtrail issue, just in case you're interested.

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At 1:48 AM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

Same old story: We supply the weapons, billions in cash, and probably a coterie of horticultural experts to assist in vastly increasing the yield of all those terrific poppy fields and then provide protection from competing drug lords so we can bring ever larger amounts of heroin to supply to our inner cities - a stoned, whacked heroin addict doesn't pay any tax but that extolled on his body, friends, family, and communities, and they don't vote. Hasn't that always been the old shell game? Weapons for drugs, drugs for tea, tea sales financing the purchasing of more weapons to buy drugs to trade for tea.

It's the same shit now and no one will convince me otherwise. Our leaders, on command from their corporate masters, destroy our military protecting the drug trade while the really big corporations make their mega-fortunes selling the heroin our troops guard for them. THAT'S where the Midas-like fortunes are made, yet somehow no one can seem to account for where the money went.

At 5:35 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

"You'll wonder where the money went when you see how much the government has spent!"
(h/t/ to Pepsodent)
"Winston tastes good like a cigarette should!"
"LSMHT – Lucky Strike means fine tobacco"
"Loose straps mean flabby tatas!"
"Let's screw, my finger's tired!" Somebody stop me before I Edie Gourmet, "Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillo's?"
Somebody, anybody, please stop me! 'cause, "Real men smoke Marlboros!"
"You'll wonder where the planet went while you foo-foo all about global warming being irrelevant!"


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