Friday, March 12, 2010

It would be comical... if it weren't so maddening

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Seriously? Is this woman for real?
"When prices rise across the industry, and where there are only a limited number of players in the game, we have to ask ourselves whether there is any meaningful competition in the marketplace," Clyburn declared in a public statement. "Moreover, when executives from major broadband providers indicate that they will only roll out faster speeds in the few markets where they have competition, our fears about whether meaningful competition exists should grow."
She's shocked, SHOCKED that there's a lack of competition in an industry, a lack of competition that those of us out here in the real world have been screaming about for years now.

It's like she's just crawled out from under her rock and realized that there's a sun and air and water and wow, like, WOW!

And these idiots are taken seriously, given airtime, power, and a salary? Is it any wonder it's all screwed up?

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At 5:18 PM, Blogger Bill Arnett said...

And that's not even taking into account the thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, for phones initially, super fast broad broadband speeds now, that American companies spent billions and billions and billions of dollars laying all the way across the Pacific Ocean (or 'the Big Pond' as military people fondly refer to it) and THEN SOLD IT TO INDIA (and a couple of other countries) FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, giving away our clear superiority in practically worldwide broadband, Why else do you think that more and more companies are locating their I.T. and information people over there? The country of India graduates thousands (9k or 10k, can't remember) of engineers and America is lucky if we graduate anywhere close to 900 (nine hundred!). Just their general, classical education beats America's by a country mile, and if Texas gets its way regarding textbook content America will keep disintegrating all the way back to the Dark Ages while the world passes us by, laughing all the way as they slowly buy America right out from underneath us. Have you ever wondered what an eviction notice to every American everywhere, simultaneously, would look like?


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