Friday, March 12, 2010

What most people want

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I think I can safely say the following with confidence:

People don't want war
People want the big banks broken up
People want to be able to go to a doctor, any doctor, and not have to worry about going broke by doing it
People want their kids to learn, not be indoctrinated
People want to see men on the moon and on mars
People want time to spend with their families, pursuing the things that interest them

All of these things can be said about People.

So why is there so much war, big all-powerful banks, impossibly expensive healthcare, poor schools, a neglected space program and no time for anything but work because so many bills and taxes have to be paid?

It's because when corporations obtained their personhood, People, actual human people, lost their power. What corporate persons want will always trump what People want every single time.

I know it's not profound, and I know it's been said a so many times by so many others. But I think it bears repeating. We have to constantly remind ourselves that this government--or any government/nation state for that matter--does not govern FOR the People. If more of us stop thinking the way they want us to and start thinking for ourselves, maybe then we can change this mess.

Remember, there are more of us then there are of them.

And there always will be.



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