Friday, March 19, 2010

Just what is it that has Republicans so scared of Health Care…

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…Reform? So scared that they have to make up outrageous lies and innuendo to try and stop it's passage? Did they take so much money from lobbyists that if HC now passes they will be sunk so deep into a hole of their own making that insurance lobbyists will never again place their money on losing horses that can't stop legislation they don't like?

I have to admit a certain bit of skepticism [ok,ok, I'll admit it! My bullsh*t detector lights up like a pinball machine on acid. Bill] every time one of the known, well known, prevaricators of the republican party start lecturing democrats in the national media that, "Those democrats better learn that they are going to suffer badly during the next election if they pass HC Reform [Hmm, where have I heard those initials HRC before?] without any republican support."

I know there is not chance in hell that should the democrats start passing this reform without any republican votes that republicans would en masse storm their way to the clerk and start changing their votes from nay to yea. Otherwise it will be crystal clear to their constituents and anyone needing, desiring, or that must be able to get affordable health care that the only thing for sure is the person they elected to represent them is so deep into the pockets of Big Health that they don't dare vote against the wishes of health care lobbyists or they will lose future donations of mega-bucks for their reelection campaigns.

Tell me how that would hurt the democratic party? It would, in fact, strengthen their hand at election time because democrats had to both lead the republicans to the trough, AND force them to drink that of which they would haven't have touched beforehand.

This really is the Big Shot for democrats: they can do what they know is right, show the courage to do what's right, and pass health care without regard to any upcoming elections. So it's do something Big and maybe lose office over your vote, or do nothing and allow republicans to reclaim the mantle of the party what's in charge and forever listen to them call democrats cowards and mean it, for it would be the truth.

So c'mon, democrats, DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT.

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