Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Well, partner, looks like it's past time to settle this without…

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…gunplay. That's 'cause I know you cowardly ree-publicans would never have the balls to shoot first, so a lot of you pieces of…oh…'scuse me, the little lady that could whup-up on any dozen of you pieces of s…sorry, my sweet little Warrior Woman, she, who could whup any 20 of you wasted bags of rancid, putrid, fetid, foul, hot air that keep your egos puffed up just enough for you to just barely maintain a human visage are so afraid of a person of color running the counry ("Now, ya know, it's alright as long as they know their places in govment, but dammit, they had to get all stirred up and jump that line we drew in the sand back in the Sixties and get one of 'em eelected president! President!)

We'll show that boy that we can keep him from getting anything passed and make him look like a worthless mule, 'cept a mule cain't reproduce! But this will be easy as American's see how we do nothing for them, obstruct anything the President or them demo-rats think is good for the country, like health care, jobs, jobless benefits to carry them along until the jobs start comin' back. And we'll huff, and puff, and blow everything up his a$$ 'til that boy learns his place and that he has to do what we want to get anything done.

What do you mean it looks like they're gonna get that health care and maybe the jobs bill passed by using slick maneuvers and going right around us? Well, sheee-it, when they do that every one of us will vote YES right along with them demo-rats and make do like it was all of our doing anyhow, that we just had to force some minor concessions from them boys that shoot straight so we can claim it was our doin' all along! And those stupid voters won't have any idea who did what with all the drama of the five thousand TV talkin' heads we've already got on talkin' shows to say what a great job we ree-publicans did to benefit America!

But now that that damned court ruled people can carry guns we gotta start remembering that there are a lot more 'o' them! And if they shoot someone in the face it ain't gonna be a drunken accident by a draft-deferment specialist!

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At 9:51 PM, Blogger The Sailor said...

Dag nabi't! Them goldurn polecats is runnin' skeered!

Or as someone once said: "I said I didn't like guns, I didn't say I couldn't use one."


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