Monday, May 03, 2010

I leave town for a few days

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and the idiots turn it into a three-ring circus of manufactured fear.

A car bomb in Times Square? Really. I mean, Bloomberg has turned this town into a police state, you can't even drive around Times Square anymore. It's all outdoor seating and pedestrian walks. Getting an SUV in there is no easy feat. And parking it? If I even tried that, I'd have a half-dozen or so of NY's "finest" telling me to get the hell out of there. (I'm not saying the cops were in on it, but it's likely they may have been purposefully distracted.) Also, there are other weird things:
Why would the terrorists use a false license plate instead of renting a legitimate car? How did they get hold of a license plate which the owner had sent for scrapping? Why use an SUV instead of a roomy mini-van, which is standard car for bombings, and less conspicuous for parking? Not the least, technical failures are extremely uncommon in car bombs, which are carefully assembled in suitable conditions.
Of course, some folks from Pakistan have taken credit.
The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility in a video posted on the Internet on Sunday, according to the SITE Intelligence Group. SITE, a U.S.-based terrorist tracking organization, first uncovered the video on YouTube; it later appeared to have been removed from the website.
I'm sorry if I'm suspicious but none of this passes my smell test. It was a set up and not by the folks who are claiming responsibility. I don't even believe those so-called 'claims of responsibility' any more. It benefits the State far more to have it's citizens frightened than it benefits a few loonies trying to make a point.

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