Friday, May 28, 2010

The MSM (sure to be followed by every rightwing, lunatic fringe, mouth-breathing republican or teaparty member)…

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…is breathlessly reporting that there may be scurrilous action afoot in that Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania was offered a job in the current administration by the dreaded and despised Bill Clinton in order to discourage Sestak from running for Arlen Spector's senatorial seat.

This strikes me as hilariously funny as I always assumed it was common knowledge that political parties have always sought to have their favorite son or daughter on the ballot and that they often offer any opposing candidate a position elsewhere in the party or with any of the large number of "think tanks" maintained by the political parties for just such a purpose. 'Specially the 'pub-lie-cans, a party with so many conservative think tanks that you might believe that the solution for all the worlds problems is imminent.

Of course though it would be bad form for the 'pub-lie-cans to allow any election to pass without trying to besmirch the reputation of the president or the intent of the democratic party, as well as taking another cheap shot at that most reviled-on-the-right former president Bill Clinton. It's doubly ridiculous when you stop to consider that the worst president and most despised former world leader, former presidential officeholder gwb, has been appearing in commercial pleas for help to gain donations to provide relief to earthquake victims in Haiti or tsunami victims a couple of years ago, with Bill Clinton in a desperate attempt to associate himself with one of America's great presidents [my opinion] to try and rehabilitate his (gwb) image by appearing to be a humanitarian and not the worlds worst torturer, starter of wars of aggression for oil, war criminal supreme, once considered the world's greatest threat to peace, and the number one terrorist of all. Even gwb's daddy appeared with sonny boy and that ne'er-do-well and reckless premature eja…well, you know what I mean…Bill Clinton in order to sanitize gwb's reputation.

So, to recap: it is now either a crime or despicable illegal or unethical act to offer a job to a potential candidate to discourage that candidate from running for a particular office, especially an unpaid position within an administration as we all know how tempting a non-paying job is and how men (or women) will sell their souls to the devil and be absolutely corrupted beyond any hope of redemption for even having heard of such an offer, much less having the non-paying job actually offered.

Utah Republican Sen. Bennett, rejected by party, considering running as a write-in candidate

Sen. Bob Bennett said on Tuesday he's still considering running for a fourth term as a write-in candidate even as Republican leaders publicly discouraged him from doing so.

Bennett failed to win enough delegates at the Utah GOP convention on Saturday to advance to the state's primary election. Conservatives and "tea party" activists rejected his bid. He said Tuesday that some of his Senate colleagues privately have encouraged him to run as a write-in, but he declined to identify them.
'Pub-lie-cans are too cheap to even offer a non-paying job, but IOKIYAR to discourage candidates from running.

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